Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dell'ovo's Kitchen

Over the past few years I have noticed that breakfast has been getting more and more expensive. I remember a time when out of the three meals you could have out at a restaurant breakfast was always the cheapest. It seems that as of late prices have risen and breakfast is going to cost you as much as a good lunch and more than just a sandwich.

Because of this I was thrilled with my decision get breakfast the other day at Dell'ovo’s on Shrewsbury St. I always thought this little place was one of the many Italian restaurants along this stretch otherwise known as restaurant row. I walked in to find about six tables and a short counter with about 4 stools. Dell'ovo's appears to be simply a breakfast and lunch place.

I went up to the counter and was greeted with a bright smile from the woman behind the counter. I ordered french toast with a side order of sausage. Coffee came with this, but I chose a chocolate milk instead. I realized I needed something to read and went outside only to find the T&G box outside to be empty. When I went back in the lady at the counter as if reading my mind asked if I wanted a paper. I thought that was pretty cool.

My food came in no time. 3 slices of french toast on thick slices of italian bread sprinkled lightly with powdered sugar and two fat links of breakfast sausage. I read the paper and ate my breakfast. I have to say it wasn't bad. The french toast on Italian was a nice touch. The food, although fairly good, is not the appeal of Dell'ovo's however.

I finished my meal and went up to the counter to pay my bill. I am handed the slip and stare in disbelief. I look at my friendly waitress and ask, "Is this for real?" She smiles and nods affirmatively. The slip read $4.73.

$4.73 for 3 thick slices of french toast, 2 fat links of sausage, and a generous glass of chocolate milk. Wow. Wow is all I can say about that. I might have to get breakfast there every morning.


kid-rolla said...

we love dell'ovo's. we call it mosquito street (the corner it is on is like mosquego or something like that). d used to take his grandma there every week for lunch.

the people were so nice. the pasta fagiole was pretty damn good too.

Anonymous said...

Ate here yesterday with friends. Good chicken soup, friendly service, great prices.