Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Globe Throws Us A Bone

Nice little photo slide show at featuring Ralph's and Gilrein's. It's good for a couple of our clubs to get some attention from the big boy paper. The shots of Ralph's in particular are awesome and really capture what a great place it really is. As I have said mainy times about Ralph's, it really does transend the mid sized city that it is in and has a world class feel as far as divey rock clubs go. You could drop it as is in a much larger city and it would still be one of the coolest places around to go get a burger and a beer and see some music. Nice to see it get some regional attention.

Update: I thought it was just the slide show but there's an article here too.

Another Update: I want to explain just what I think is good about this article. It's very simple actually.

Two dudes work in Woburn. Two dudes have no prior opinion about Worcester. One dude reads this Globe article on Sunday and goes into work on Monday. The other dude says to the dude who reads that he is thinking of moving to Worcester. The dude who reads says, "Oh yeah, I just read in the Globe yesterday that for a smaller city they have a pretty good thing going on for live music."

Of course if you rather we could have him say, "That place is horrible. Why would you ever want to move there?"

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