Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Newer Blogs You Should Check Out

Since I really haven't been inspired to write lately I figured I would hip you people to a couple new Worcester related blogs that have been piquing my interest.

Paulie's Point of View
If you have been reading many of the Worcester based blogs that have popped up over the past year you are familiar with Paulie adding his 2 cents in the comments section of many of our local web pages. It's good to hear a voice who really gets what city living is all about and it is really good to hear someone demand a good urban quality of life in Worcester. As Paulie points out most of our city leaders do not live in the urban core. A good urban experience isn't just going to happen here, it needs to be demanded. Paulie seems to be doing that.

Free Art Worcester
This blog is friggin awesome! The idea: Make art and leave it around Worcester for whomever wants it in what appears so far to be very strategic places. It would be awesome if they made it like an online art scavenger hunt and put clues in their entries. Critics may argue that the art isn't of the highest quality, but hey it's free. I don't think that this blog is about high quality art however, I think it's about making something interesting happen in Worcester, which is more than most are doing. I hope to stumble upon something at some point.

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FreeArtWorcester said...

You got it spot on, thanks for the shout out! It's all about making city living more enjoyable n putting a smile on people's faces. Nothing more, nothing less.