Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Business Friendly

Part of my weekly routine over the past several months has been going to KJ Baaron's in Washington Sq for the free Single Malt Monday Scotch tasting that happens there weekly from 5:30 to 8pm. Jess Lofgren is a great host and usually there is quite a bit of Scotch to choose from and also some food to munch on picked to specifically go with whatever Scotch is being tasted out. Sometimes they even sample a craft beer or two.

Last night I went there a little past 7 only to find the store completely closed and all entrances blocked off by a paving crew on Summer Street. The store closes earlier than most at 9pm. The DPW couldn't have waited until after the only business on the street affected by the paving closed? I also have it on very good authority that no advance notice was given about the paving.

I would say there were about 30 people who are regulars at the weekly tasting who were probably pretty pissed off. Let's hope for KJ Baaron's sake that all 30 of these people are folks who are familiar with the way things work here in the Woo and don't decide that it's the businesses fault. I know this is a very small percentage of the cities' population but that's not the point.

KJ's and the people that frequent it are the type of demographic that Worcester has been trying to attract and keep in the city for a very long time. Things like this don't help.

WTF Moylan?


KJ Baaron's Fan said...

KJ Baaron's offers great tastings. My husband likes to frequent the Whiskey Witch's tastings.

What a shame the City of Worcester could not coordinate better with this local business. There aren't that many local businesses in downtown Worcester. Worcester needs every local business it can retain - especially in today's economy.

Anonymous said...

Ya, that's pretty ridiculous. I'm curious, Gabe, have you written any letters to city hall?


Jim O'C said...

I did not know about the scotch tastings. I'll make it a point to stop by one of these Mondays.