Thursday, August 11, 2011

"Theater District" Oh well

So it looks like I live in the "Theater District." (Yes I know this is an old article) As I have said before I cannot stand this neighborhood name. I mean it's fine for other places. Neighborhoods that have more than one theater in the "district." I mean to be honest I guess the "Theater District" does have three theaters. I mean you have the Hanover of course. Then you have the Paris. I am fairly certain also that there is some sort of theater space in the old School of Performing Arts on Chatham St. You know, you could even go so far as to include the New Art over on Pleasant in this "Theater District".

Now if you are a positive person, you could put a twist on this and say that all three of these Theaters will be developed and opened up as maybe a small arthouse theater or a Foothills style playhouse or any other number of things that could be done and would be truly truly amazing. My guess though is that the people who came up with this idea to call this neighborhood the "Theater District" weren't even thinking about these three other theaters in their redevelopment plan.

Now don't get me wrong. There are a whole lot of positives here. Just the fact that Worcester is attempting to name and brand another neighborhood as well as define it's borders is enough to make me want to do a little dance. I just cannot agree with the name the "Theater District."

A thing that Worcester needs to be wary of is creating false impressions. There are things you can say that to an outsider create certain expectations. Phrases like "Theater District" or "Second Largest City in New England" or "Canal District" create an expectation that is in no way lived up to in the Woo. This in turn leaves a sour taste in an outsiders mouth. It seems like terms like this are thrown around not to entice outsiders, but instead to try and give all of us something to be proud of. Maybe make decision makers feel like they are accomplishing something with their decisions. Well if I live in the "Theater District" then I guess the "Theater District" is where I live. I sincerely hope that someday I can say it with pride to a non Central Masser and they will recognize my neighborhood and maybe ask me what it's like to live there. Until then, maybe I will have a memorial service for "Federal Square." I sure liked that name and liked the thoughts of the future that came to my head when thinking about it.

Viva la Theater District..... I guess.


David Z. said...


The fact that the WBDC is involved gives me hope that you will live in an honest-to-goodness Theater District in the not too distant future. They have a great record of accomplishments in the city and suburbs.

Gabe said...

My main beef is the name. I love everything else about this. I was also just drawing attention that there are in fact other theaters in the "Theater District" and I wonder how much thought has been given to the redevelopment of those theaters. As always though, I love your positivity and I really do hope that the other theaters are part of their plan.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps more aptly name it the Raped and Stabbed District???

Ice 9 said...

would a rose by any other name still smell a sweet? Sure, but if we called it an aardvark you wouldn’t stop and smell it would you?

Paulie's Point of View said...

Worcester Wonderland uncovered:>)