Monday, October 22, 2007

One Side Of A Conversation About My Friend Worcester

...He's coming over for dinner tonight. He's really a good dude. ...What's that? ...Yeah that's him, the overweight guy that needs a haircut. Yep. ...Yeah.... I guess I get used to the smell you know?.... You just have to get to know him I guess ... Yeah, but you have to get past all that, I mean listen, I know the dude really needs a shower and a shave and someone really needs to take him out to get some new clothes... What?... yeah, dude does really need to get some self esteem you're right. Actually the self esteem is almost more of a problem then the poor hygiene. I have never met someone that has such a bad attitude about himself then this guy.... What??!!Oh my god he's not scary at all! Yeah, I guess he does look kind of scary. Really he's just kind of wierd but he's completely harmless, he's probably more scared of you then you are of him.

But here is the thing though. I've known him since we were kids and we're like brothers. He's an amazing cook... Yeah really good, good musician too, and a good artist. He's got so many really good ideas but he can't seem to get off his ass and get anything going.

...okay, so you won't be over for dinner? That's too bad because I am telling you he's a real good guy and a good person to get to know.

Okay, take care of yourself, bye...

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