Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Reasons To Love Worcester That Would Make Most People Hate Worcester: Post #1

Today I am moving some stuff into my new apartment downtown (more about that in another post) and after going up and down a few times I buy a drink out of one of the machines in the building and I go outside and start to drink it while enjoying the nice weather we are having. I have my head kicked back in classic drinking posture when all the sudden this voice is right up in my ear.


I tell the dude he shouldn't just come up on people and yell in their ear like that.

He just gives me a funny laugh and yells again, "OZZY OZBOURNE!!!!"

Now when he first yelled in my ear my reaction in my head was like, "WTF, who is this annoying Worcester street person and what the hell does he want." Then I realized hey, this guy is probably in his early 40's. He has probably had a much rougher life then I can ever dream of having and today his favorite rock n roll dude is in town and that makes him so happy he just wants to tell everyone he sees on the street. I can actually relate to that. He even had some old Ozzy concert T shirt on.

Is his wierdo look and smushed mouth and missing teeth making my city a less attractive place? Sure. Not his problem though. A little public art and cleaner streets and buildings would help the city much more than this guy showering, getting some new clothes, and having some dental work done.

I am thrilled actually that this little guy is walking around my city today spreading the good word about his favorite rocker. I am a little dissapointed however in my initial reaction and what I am sure are going to be more reactions like this to this guy throughout the day. Even more dissapointing is the thought that someone might have a conversation with him today and go home to Holden or Sterling and tell their family how "run down" the city is becoming over chicken pot pie.


Anonymous said...

Find that man immediately. He either took you forward in time to January 8 ,2008 when Ozzy is playing in Worcester or transported you to Minnesota, where Ozzy's actually playing tonight. Obviously he has some sort of superpower that may just save this city.
Or maybe he was high, I don't know.

cascadingwaters said...

Ah, man, it's even better that Ozzy wasn't really here!

punky said...

I knew I over severed that guy...sorry