Saturday, July 12, 2008

Downtown this morning 7/12/08

Got up early (well early for me on a Saturday) with the goal of going down to the barber on North Main and getting my hairs cut. Like a whole lot of businesses in the city this week he is closed for vacation. I was going to write a big diatribe here about this and then remembered that I took July and August off for the First Fridays so I need to drink a big glass of shut the the f*ck up.

On my way there I noticed that there is a new designer glasses store opening up at the corner of Walnut and Main. The guys inside said about two weeks. They weren't the owners though so who knows how factual this is. They couldn't even tell me the name of the business. There is a very nice Georgio Armani logo stenciled on the front double doors however.

I was looking to eat some lunch/breakfast and passed by Garden Fresh. They were open. I kept walking. The owner thinks that street vendors are going to cause bomb like hysteria in downtown Worcester. Stupid folks like that are bound to mess my food up. I won't ever go there again. You shouldn't either. You are only asking for eventual bad food.

I went walking around behind Garden Fresh up George St and Eden St. There is an absolutely gorgeous old house I have never seen before at the end of Harvard Ct with it's windows all smashed out and a big red x on it which of course means it's destined for the wrecking ball. It's really too bad. This house could have been a really cool three or four unit apartment or condo building.

I continued down Eden and was noticing all the urban residential in this area. A great deal of what looks like 6 or 7 plus unit buildings. You would think with Unum and Fallon right here never mind all the other offices that these buildings would be packed with young professionals. Especially with the rising cost of gas. What has changed where it was so common in the early days of industrial America for workers to live so close to where they worked but now this just isn't the case? I would love to live directly across the street from my job. I would love to live 80% of my life on one block and spend the other 20 traveling. Maybe this is just me.

I walked back down to Main and ended up getting lunch at Spoodles at the corner of Main and Maple. This place is a real jewel that doesn't get much play in the Worcester word of mouth. It's one of those places that does everything right. Food and atmosphere. I had a pastrami on rye while sitting up in the loft seating looking at pictures of Dean Martin and James Dean and listening to an early 50's pop satellite radio station. Yep good experience down to the last detail.

I walked past City Hall on the way back to my place. There was some crazy Christian Jesus Saves type demonstration going on on the steps of City Hall where a bunch of people were yelling at a bunch of other people and telling them that the way they live their lives is wrong. What happened to separation of church and state? What would happen if next Saturday I wanted to have a rock concert on the steps of City Hall? And for jeebus sake can someone get that preacher with the high wattage public address system out of my front yard on Saturdays?


Sabrina said...

I miss downtown so much. I had a love hate relationship, but I miss the people and the people watching and the convenience of it all so much....I <3 Spoodles. Yummy Pickles!!

And that dude with the loud speaker needs to get the fuck out of dodge!!

jacob said...

that spot has housed amplified preachers on and off for i think 8 years (i remember from when food not bombs was on the common, long long ago). gabe, i think you just need to get there firstest with the loudest amps.

Gabe said...

I mean if the guy has a permit, that's life in the big city, you know? When I moved down here I had no illusions of a quiet little neighborhood and I didn't want a quiet little neighborhood.

I am just pretty sure that I couldn't get a permit to have a rock show in the common every Saturday. The guy has every right to do what he is doing and honestly I want him there. The whole vibrancy thing. Turn the shit down is all. My apartment is on the Portland St side 3 units from Federal St and it is on the 8th floor. There is no reason why I should be hearing him word for word.

Jennifer said...

I'm wondering if when the people who bought Spoodles from Elsa's they just kept all the same interior decor....I remember photos of frank and james dean in there when I had to work downtown.


dino martin peters said...

hey pallie gabe, how cool is it to gaze on our Dino while havin' some lunch...never was, never will be anyone as cool as the King of Cool..oh, to return to the days when Dino walked the earth...