Sunday, July 13, 2008

No One Cares About Downtown

Did you know that someone got stabbed in the chest in our city on Thursday? Did you know that this happened at 4:37 in the afternoon? Did you know that it happened right across the street from City Hall?

Why are people not completely furious about this?

The story has 10 comments. Someone almost gets murdered in broad daylight across the street from City Hall and it musters up 10 comments? It's not even in the most read stories of the past few days list.


No one cares. No one could give a shit about what goes on in the urban core of Worcester. It simply isn't a priority for anyone.

I know I reference Baltimore quite a bit but I am going to do it again. I am sorry but it's what I know. What do you think would happen at Baltimore Police Headquarters, Baltimore City Hall and The Baltimore Sun if someone were to get stabbed at the Inner Harbor? I'll tell you what...

All hell would break loose, that's what.

Pay attention Councilors. Take note of this. Someone got stabbed in the heart of your city and everyone just shrugs their shoulders. Why? Because everyone expects it. That is the attitude you are dealing with in the Worcester metropolitan area. There is no outrage about someone getting stabbed downtown because most people believe that it is just par for the course.

Do you think the people of Boston would shrug their shoulders at an afternoon attempted homicide in Government Center? Or the people of Providence in Waterplace Park?

The phone should be ringing off the hook at City Hall, Police Headquarters, and at the Telegram. But it isn't. Because no one cares.


Hey councilors, deal with this shit. Hey Palmieri and Lukes, you should be on the phone with the Chief on the hour until those guys are aprehended.

It's about 1 trillion times more important than whether Dougie Garden Fresh sells one less mediocre salad because Johnny Hot Dog is stealing his customers.

I want to see the guys that did this in cuffs on the front page of the Telegram within 7 days and if I don't see that I want my local newspaper to provide me with answers as to why not.

Hey Worcester(and I am talking to every single person reading this who calls this city home), you are just as much at fault in this as City Hall, the poe poe, and the Telegram. Your, "Oh well, somebody got stabbed downtown. See Margie? I told you that place was a war zone" attitude isn't helping matters either.

I mean as a city are we really okay with dudes just getting stabbed in broad daylight in our downtown? A place where our tax money is building an ice skating rink not 50 yards away that our children will be using by winter of next year? Or maybe you have already decided your children aren't going within 1 mile of that rink or downtown in general for that matter. Ever.

I am shocked and horrified that this happened on Thursday. You should be too. Or maybe you aren't because you reside in the town of Worcester. Stuff like that happens in the City of Worcester, that's why you moved out. Thank god you don't have to worry about that anymore.


hooley said...

Are you planning on bringing this up at the next city council meeting?

Gabe said...

During the summer they only have one council meeting a month. If nothing has been done about it by then than yeah I think I am going to have to.

I just got off the phone with the chief's office and they were no help at all.

I asked the lady I was talking to if it was a priority of the department when someone gets stabbed in broad daylight in our downtown and she gave no answer at all. Just kind of changed the subject.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got banned from the T&G boards for making a stupid (but harmless) John Silber joke. (I commented on a Silber story by mentioning that Season 1 of "Flipper" had been released earlier that week.) Yet posters like "Tom" and "Chan" keep posting their angry reactionary - and often racist - bile day after day. Dunno who's running the website over there, but they obviously have an agenda.