Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A New Term

"Giving It The Worcester"

Definition: Blaming whatever problems your community may be having, no matter how large or universal, on the community itself.

After the 6th straight day of rain, Bob was really upset and complained to his coworkers about how much his city sucked and how only here could it rain for six straight days. His coworkers laughed it off knowing he was just "giving it the Worcester".


Anonymous said...

"Fill it to the brim with Worcester!"

Lex Lesotho said...

We overheard a sister to that term in Texas at the Superbowl: "Worcester Tango"

What does "Worcester tango" mean?
To finish your beer in one gulp. Two of us were in Houston for the Super Bowl surrounded by fellow Massholes, and at a bar near Rice we overheard a snippet of conversation at the table next to us. "Hey," one Pats fan said to the other, "Worcester tango that shit so we can leave." We'd never heard the expression before, but we loved it, and have now co-opted it. Cuz that's how we dance in Worcester - finish your beer so we can get out of here.

Gabe said...

Lex you just made this entire experience of having this blog worth it for me.

Claudia Snell said...

LOL!! Great post! I like the 'Worcester Tango' thing too.

Thanks for the laugh.