Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

This the first of a two part question I would want an answer to from anyone interested in being on our city council. The second part being, what do you plan on doing to get there?

I would hope the answer to the first part at least would be living in a vibrant urban center in Worcester Massachusetts. It's the only answer I want to hear at least.

If you care about the urban core of Worcester I urge you to run for city council, if you think you have the capacity. If you don't I urge you to try and convince people you know who you think would do a good job to run, and start working with other folks to get some bodies on that council that care about turning our urban center into a good looking, fun, interesting, safe, vibrant, and welcoming place to be.

The urban core has been left twisting in the wind for too long by our elected officials who talk a good game but when push comes to shove do not look at the rejuvenation of our inner city as a priority, and why should they when their constituency says they don't need to?

As a city we need 3 or 4 nice, welcoming inner city neighborhoods that draw folks from outside the city not only just to work and play but to live also. Without this we will always be not only a second class city, but a third class city.

If we were a town we could get away with bragging about how nice the West Side is or how much we have to offer as far as hiking and parks and outdoor pursuits in general but we aren't, we are a city and as a city we will be judged. As a city we are a shit hole. This is not negativity, this is the reality of the perception of most people who have visited, all who have abandoned, and too large of a percentage who still live here.

This needs to be changed and it is time we start working right now to make this change next November. Starting with Phil Palmieri as our biggest priority, we need new blood on that council. To me it seems like all it will take to send the gentrification of Federal Sq, Downtown, North Main, The Canal District, and Shrewsbury St into high gear is a change in perception. A feeling that living here and investing here is the right thing to do. Phil is the councilor for what I feel is the single most important district in the city, District 2. District 2 is home to the neighborhoods that I listed above. Those five neighborhoods are standing right at the peak of a roller coaster they have slowly been fighting their way up for years now. At the bottom on the other side are the great urban neighborhoods we know these 5 neighborhoods can become. Let's find someone to give that roller coaster that little extra push it needs, because Phil ain't the guy.

Judging by some of the things I have heard him say I am not even so sure he is on the same ride as most of us. Let's get someone else in there Worcester.


JR Moreau said...

Beautiful post! I completely agree. I know a few people who I think would be excellent city counselors. I've been trying to convince them for a while. Maybe I'll give them a call at lunch today.

I'm so glad people like you are writing posts like this. I don't feel like I'm alone in wanting to live a good, successful life inside the city I was raised in. I work to work here too instead of driving to Boston to find a living corporate or small business wage in my industry.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should run against Phil?
You haven't the slightest idea what it takes to be a shaker & mover in a decaying city.

But then again, why would anyone want to be a councilor in Worcester?

Anonymous said...

You go so far as to call him the enemy and you offer no solution. Typical Worcester. So pathetically typical of someone who lives in Worcester.
Just keep blabbing like you really know what's going on in Worcester Gabe. Loser!

Gabe said...

To Anonymous #1:
You are right I don't have any idea what it takes to be a mover and a shaker in this city. This among other reasons is why I am not running. Honestly Phil may be a perfectly fine at large councilor but he is no way a good councilor for the district he represents.

To Anonymous #2:
This post is pretty funny. I picture you holding a big L over your forehead while you post that. Good stuff.

Paulie's Point of View said...

Gabe...I am sure if you put your mind to it you could handle the job..the biggest chore will be the allocation of your time..forget the two morons who posted the crap-being a shaker and a mover in this city is chump stuff to be quite honest with you Gabe, not to many shakers and movers in Worcester..many are leaving...I am quite friendly with many on the Somerville Board of Aldwerman and all are regular working men and women ..I have gotten to meet and work with a number on the Worcester City Council and I find none to be above me and I would say the same about you....it will require hard work, a lot of nonsense but important constituent service and lots of listening....but before you get there you need to campaign:>) This is probably then hardest job you will undertake.

I agree with you as you know on the urban core issue..the recent rhetoric from the City Council regarding the single tax rate showed pretty much where our CC lies on the subject of a vibrant urban core...getting in the car and crossing Park Ave for a night of the Nutcrackah and dinnah at Block 5 and then back quickly across Park Ave before the homeless start asking for nickels is their idea of a vibrant cultural city...

Anyway, I am in Dublin right now...wanna talk about a vibrant city:>) Slan go foill Paulie

Paulie's Point of View said...

I would agree with the posters who banged you that if you are gonna bang someone tho, like you did Double P, then you should outline why you stated your opinion on replacing Double P...folks may read your blog just once and not know you may have stated an opinion before..granted it is your blog and you can do what you want but this being said...my own opinion a little more than Double P has to go is in order..

"what it takes to be a mover and a shaker in a decaying city"..reminds me of a time I got pushed to be on a non-profit board..someone said "what are his qualifications"...the guy who nominated me said "he wants the job".....ha! I really didn't :>)

What does it take to be a mover and a shaker in a decaying city?..if it is decaying then perhaps Double P should move on?

It had been hoped that the decay had been repaired and that we were now moving towards growth...at least this is what had been my motivation to continue investing in the city??

Gabe said...

It's a legit point. I guess I should write an entry on exactly why I want him out of there and be very specific.

Bill Randell said...


Great post.


Jahn said...

The councilors will not tackle the real issues, only the easy issues like

1. pushcart vendors,

2. unshovled sidewalks (bloggers say Palmieir himself has been only about 1/3 shoveled now for a month?

3. wayward shopping carts...Palmieri again

4. Useless resolutions.

How about a cart Tea (cart) Party on Buckinghmam Rd? A couple of pushcart vendors holed up in front of Phil's house and we pave the entire street with abanboned shopping carts...then call Channel 3.

Will @ WoWo said...

I'm in!