Sunday, January 4, 2009


Lots of activity going on with the two vacants on Portland Street over the weekend. If they give these two buildings the same treatment as they gave the Bancroft itself these will be pretty nice buildings.

I'll tell you what though. If they fill these up and still can't fill the rest of the commercial on Franklin, Portland, and Salem Federal Sq can fall on a knife as far as I am concerned. If by the end of 2009 we have 12 densely populated residential buildings in a small 7 block area and the streets aren't teaming with activity (of the legal and productive variety) Worcester is really going to have to step back and look at ourselves as a city and reevaluate.


Will @ WoWo said...

I appreciate your previous perspective about Worcester downtown. The fact is it's in really rough shape and won't get better.
Time to bail out? I think so.

Gabe said...

See that is what is messed up about you Will. Even if I were to give up, even if I were to move away, I wouldn't make any definitive "won't get better" statements.

Fact is that many people think like you do and you people don't realize your a large part of the problem.

I may get frustrated and move, but I'll never give up hope that something good can happen down here.

You have obviously given up all hope though. Why are you still here? If you are staying what are you doing to try and reverse this inevitable path that the city is going down?

I can only speak for myself but if I had given up all hope for a place becoming somewhere I could comfortably call home I would think myself a dumb ass for staying. Of course that's just me.

Paulie's Point of View said...

I still chuckle over getting Jordan Levy over a barrel when he was blasting on his radio show the kid's from the Pharmacy College who were quoted in the T&G story about downtown being a last choice for them and me reminding him on his radio show that only months prior he had stated on the same radio show that he made a similiar comment about the Dunkin Donuts and how he woulkd not go back because of the bums that hung insiode and outside..

there is an ole saying...don't speak what you can nod and don't nod what you can wink...I break this rule all the time..but no one pays me to be a legitimate mouthpiece for the region!

Gabe said...

Nine residential buildings Paulie, with maybe 3 more by years end. I would say this is one of the only neighborhoods in Urban Worcester too where the majority aren't pajama people. We have our share definitely but I would say the majority here are students and young working folks.

I have to say it's the businesses too. Woosta Pizza leaves a stack of menus in our mail room but still closes at 7pm. Really counting on that brisk 6pm-7pm weekday business I guess?

The new Theater Cafe on Main St only plans on being open until 7pm except on nights of shows even after the Telegram article with all these kids saying what they want IS a cafe to go and sit and socialize.

Really it is like no one from Central Mass completely understands true city living. It is getting to the point where I am completely befuddled by it.

Paulie's Point of View said...

was in Northampton for New Years...after leaving the Iron Horse where we saw Big Al Anderson formerly of NRBQ..we walked around the corner to a cool pub called Packards..closed that place and then walked around the corner to Sam's Cafe...a place open until 3AM...had a slice of chicken pesto pizza and Carol had a slice of broccoli pizza...Sam's also had a small open mike Jazz session that night...this was Northampton, MA??????? Any scene like this in Woo-Town???

Gabe said...

Downtown Northampton is what anyone should pattern an Urban Neighborhood after. I love it there, and love the Iron Horse.

When I am in downtown Northampton I don't feel like I am in a small town I feel like I am in a vibrant neighborhood of a large city.

JR Moreau said...

Gabe and Paulie, I agree that Northampton is a great example of what a downtown should be like. It's one of my favorite places in MA.

Good to see some progress on this front. I'll have to head downtown and check it out this week.

Will @ WoWo said...

Me large part of the problem? gee Thanks! I appreciate that.
Why point fingers at the victims of this travesty? How about pointing fingers at city management/council.
Try this on for size. Have you set roots in your beloved city? No, not just renting an apt. downtown. I mean sunk a few hundred grand into a house, sent your kids to school in the worst system in the state. Or tried to find a decent paying job that'll support a family of four? Your answer is no in all questions Gabe.
You have no responsibility to anyone but yourself. From what I read about you, your mindset is limited to finding the next fun spot (bar/club) every weekend.
Gabe all you do is just whine and point fingers at everyone but the real culprits.
Answer this. What exactly have you done to make this city a better place?

Gabe said...

Yeah, I stand by that comment. People who are of the mindset that the city is hopeless are a large part of the problem right alongside everything else. Criticism is one thing. Worcester deserves a lot of it. I just have never understood living anywhere that you have such a poor opinion of. I can't even wrap my head around it.

Personally I feel that you don't feel that way but just enjoy saying little things on the internets that piss people off, however I don't know you Will, so for me to make those kind of assumptions about you or your character would be ignorant of me. I won't pretend to know you, or your personal situation or anything else about you.

I do know that you feel you have roots here and therefore that's why you stay. Fair enough. It's a good enough reason as any.

As far as what I do for the city, well I never said I am out there spending every spare hour I have doing things but I have done what I can when I could. Could I do more? Sure. Is my apathy part of the problem? You bet. Can I man up and admit that? Yep.

Just don't pretend to know me and know what I am all about Will, because you don't.

John said...


Just by saying Worcester has the worst school systems in the state just shows the rest of us you have no clue what you are talking about.

Paulie's Point of View said...

anger is good:>) we just have to move this energy towards something positive!

Paulie's Point of View said...


I go something you can get involved with:>)

Paulie's NOLA Blues & Jazz Festival II

July 11, 2009 12-11PM

Gabe said...


I'd love to be involved with that.

Will @ WoWo said...

Unusually, I’m having a vocabulary problem. There has to be some word for the kind of person who considers a contrary opinion the equivalent of a personal affront, or a personal attack, or just plain heresy. But I can’t think of it. So I asked a psych friend about it. Something I could use to describe absurd and perplexing statements, although made sincerely, but out (completely) out of touch with the reality of the situation.
She called it, cognitive dissonance. It occurs in the mind of an individual when a theoretical belief system is confronted by factual evidence (Worcester’s decaying downtown, a city overwhelmed by apathy, an infrastructure in shambles…) to the contrary of what that person wishes, hopes and desires. A blurring the line between reality and … So let’s agree to disagree Gabe. Agreed?
A last thought. You have a lot of ideas to improve the city, so why don’t you put your money where your mouth is? Get all those shakers and movers you know to “invest” in Worcester. But just don't invest in a bar or club - ok.
But Paulie has a better idea. Get involved. Start small.

Anonymous said...

Pssst... John, Will's a teacher.

John said...

Psst - Anon - I'm a parent.

Anonymous said...

Psst John. Then you'd be the one least likely to know what a good school is.

Veronica said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog, Gabe

If I had the money, I'd love to turn one of those spaces into something like LAB Boston! :)

Gabe said...

Just looked up what that is Veronica. That would be incredible.