Wednesday, August 6, 2008

David Simon does it again

I don't know about anyone else but I am very very psyched about this.

NEW YORK (AP) David Simon has made the streets of Baltimore famous with gritty television dramas such as "The Wire," "Homicide: Life on the Street," and "The Corner." Now he wants to take on the Big Easy. The next series he hopes to produce for HBO is about musicians reconstituting their lives in New Orleans, he told The New Yorker for its issue hitting newsstands Monday.

Simon, whose dramas are known for their authenticity and detail, has been spending time there researching the music scene."This show will be a way of making a visual argument that cities matter," Simon said. "'The Wire' has never done that. I certainly never said or wanted to say that Baltimore is not worth saving, or that it can't be saved. But I think some people watching the show think, Why don't they just move away?"

A goal of the show will be to celebrate the glories of an American city, and "why we need to accept ourselves as an urban people," Simon said.


Anonymous said...

Screw New Orleans. Woosta woulda been the perfect place. We got a police department full of corruption and intrigue, a city hall full of political dolts, not to mention a real battlefield in Main South.

Gabe said...

Agreed actually.

I honestly hope that as the Hollywood East studio takes shape in Plymouth that folks see that in Worcester. All the shot out mill buildings definitely have an American romance to them that would be great for certain types of filming I think.

I hope you are kidding about Main South though. That is no kind of battlefield.

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm kidding. Its called literary license.