Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Quote

"We have theories, specialisms, regulations, exhortations, demonstration projects. We have planners. We have highway engineers. We have mixed use, mixed tenure, architecture, community architecture, urban design, neighbourhood strategy. But what seems to have happened is that we have simply lost the art of placemaking; or, put another way, we have lost the simple art of placemaking. We are good at putting up buildings but we are bad at making places." -Bernard Hunt, London architect


Will @ WW said...

How true! What I see as the most grotesque example of that in this city is the gap located across from city hall, between the bank bldg. and the former Kressges bldg. Whoever conceptualized that atrocity did Worcester a disservice.

Gabe said...

You know, I love that space, but it should be being used publicly as a park, maybe a little addition to the Common. Some trees a little bit of landscaping.

They had it all opened up for the Latin American Festival and it was nice to see kids playing on the grass. Having a big public lawn like that might be nice. My only reservation though is the probable lack of respect it would get.